Frontline Interactive

Frontline Interactive was

"Frontline Interactive is a web design/development shop that delivers great websites, intranets and web based applications. We love what we do and we work to help our clients attain the very best in online communications.

Many things go into making a great website and take time to acquire the skills that make us a great match for the product you need delivered. We have the ability to make your website do what you need it to do and deliver what your clients need you to deliver.

We put at your disposal, our experience gained through years of building some of the most popular kenyan brands online to help you turn your website into AWESOMENESS!

We have the right mix of Personell Skills and Technology Focus."

SOQKO Digital market Ltd has now bought out the assets and business of Frontline Interactive. This will enable us to effectively deliver diverse services to our clientelle.

View our increased service portfolio here: